Queen's School of Computing

Application to the Cybersecurity CREATE research programs

Students may apply to either Queen's or RMC. You must apply to the appropriate program (Master's or Ph.D.) as the first step and all of the normal requirements must be met. Remember to indicate your interest in the cybsecurity program when you apply. Admission to all graduate programs requires meeting the standards of the program, and also the willingness of a supervisor to take you on. You should approach potential supervisors as you begin the application process. Capacity is limited. Note that degree requirements differ between Queen's and RMC and you must meet all of the ordinary degree requirements as well as the requirements of the CREATE program. Students already admitted can transfer to the cybersecurity program with the agreement of their supervisor provided that they can still finish their study within the time limits associated with their degree.

Applying to the Cybersecurity CREATE Project MSc

The project MSc does not require thesis research, but a greater number of courses and a project equivalent to two courses. We do not normally admit students to this MSc unless they are doing it on a part-time basis.