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What is the most targeted industry for cyber attacks?

  1. online retail
  2. mortgage lenders
  3. healthcare
  4. universities and colleges

Answer: Mortgage lenders. The most targeted industry for cyber attacks is mortgage lending due to the extensive personal and financial information gathered (and reported) on potential and current clients.

Women make excellent cybersecurity experts because:

  1. they're great at multitasking
  2. they show attention to detail
  3. they are superb investigators
  4. all of the above

Answer: All of the above. According to a CBC article entitled "To keep data safe, companies must recruit more women in cybersecurity, experts say" dated October 16, 2019, women have the unique abilities of multitasking, attention to detail, and make great investigators.

Women make make up to 10% of the cybersecurity workforce. Which organizations attract the most women?

  1. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  2. financial lenders
  3. universities and colleges
  4. government

Answer: Government. But there are numerous organizations that offer career cybersecurity opportunities for women, according to Acces Employment.

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