Application to the Cybersecurity CREATE research programs

Students may apply to either Queen’s or RMC. You must apply to the appropriate program (Master’s or Ph.D.) as the first step and all of the normal requirements must be met. Remember to indicate your interest in the cybsecurity program when you apply. Admission to all graduate programs requires meeting the standards of the program, and also the willingness of a supervisor to take you on. You should approach potential supervisors as you begin the application process. Capacity is limited. Note that degree requirements differ between Queen’s and RMC and you must meet all of the ordinary degree requirements as well as the requirements of the CREATE program. Students already admitted can transfer to the cybersecurity program with the agreement of their supervisor provided that they can still finish their study within the time limits associated with their degree.

Applying to the Cybersecurity CREATE Project MSc

The project MSc does not require thesis research, but a greater number of courses and a project equivalent to two courses. We do not normally admit students to this MSc unless they are doing it on a part-time basis.

Background required for the CREATE Cybersecurity Program

The following are the areas that we expect graduate students to have a background in:

calculus ♦ linear algebra ♦ statistics ♦ logic and discrete mathematics ♦ advanced data structures ♦ computer systems ♦ automata theory ♦ algorithm design and analysis ♦ programming languages ♦ software engineering

GPA and Transcripts

To qualify for the CREATE Cybersecurity Program, the minimum GPA is 3.3/ 4.3. This varies at each institution. When we receive the application, we review your transcript to see how the other institution’s grading scale compares to our scale.

Applying to the School of Computing followed by an application to the CREATE Cybersecurity Program (2 steps)

  1. Applications can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.
    Complete applications will be reviewed by an admissions committee. Our program is very competitive with many inquiries weekly about admissions. We do not determine eligibility by email.
    Complete applications will be reviewed by an admissions committee. The committee considers your GPA, reference letters, research potential, work experience etc.
  2. After you submit your completed application and a supervisor is interested, your file is reviewed by an admissions committee. If you are admitted to the MSc or PhD program and the supervisor would like you to be considered for the CREATE Cybersecurity program, then a second review is completed by the Principal Investigator, Dr. David Skillicorn.

Graduate Applicants – Getting Started

  1. Review our research groups and faculty members.
  2. Check our admissions requirements.
  3. Apply on-line by January 15. This deadline is flexible for Canadian applicants. The application is done on a separate site managed by the School of Graduate Studies.
  4. Contact a potential supervisor and inform them of your application.
  5. Offers are normally made between February and June.

Acceptance into the CREATE Cybersecurity Program

Upon acceptance, you will receive an offer letter from the School of Computing followed by an offer letter from the CREATE Cybersecurity Program outlining the program requirements and the annual funding that you will receive.


Prospective Graduate students are encouraged to review our Frequently Asked Questions or to contact for further information about our programs. Information is available for research groups within the School of Computing and graduate students (email ) are available to answer questions about their labs.

The academic year begins in September, so this is the normal date for admission to all graduate programs. Admission for January or May, may be possible for Masters and Ph.D. applicants applying to the CREATE Cybersecurity Program.

More Information

For more information about applying for graduate studies at Queen’s and RMC, consult the following: