Dominic Mott

2019-2020 NSERC Cybersecurity CREATE Program Participant, MPA Category

Over the past year and a half, I participated in and recently completed the NSERC Cybersecurity CREATE Program. As a Queen’s Master of Public Administration student who was interested in cybersecurity but did not initially have a strong technical or cyber background, I found this certificate program to be an extremely rewarding opportunity that accentuated my master’s degree.

The program guided me to participate in a diverse number of areas, including ongoing meetings with the participants on the Computer Science side of the program, attend conferences, and develop my career skillset through the Queen’s Learning Hub courses. In partnership with IBM, the program also facilitated a Tabletop exercise, where we participated as cybersecurity officers during a critical infrastructure attack. Under the guidance of Professor Christian Leuprecht and as part of this program, I was able to write a research paper on cyberespionage, expanding my understanding of the current legislative regime in connection to the changing nature of espionage.

Two central elements that I found to be most interesting and useful in this program were enrolling in the two cyber courses at the Royal Military College, which broadened my understanding of cyber, especially in connection to Government functions, international relations and of the current global cyber environment.

The second part that I found beneficial was the internship with a Government of Canada department. I had a summer internship with the National Cybercrime Coordination Unit and had the opportunity to work on policy with very talented and experienced policy professionals.

Above all, I believe that the Cybersecurity CREATE Program will be beneficial to anyone who has a strong interest in a career in cyber policy development and analysis. I thoroughly enjoyed this certificate, and it provided me with the experience necessary for a career within the cyber ecosystem and encouraged me to continue research in this field.